ITC Fukuoka 2023
ITC Fukuoka 2023

Abstract submission

Those who wish to make a presentation in ITC Fukuoka 2023 are required to submit an abstract (450 words) from here by December 31, 2022. Abstracts must be in text only; no figures or tables may be submitted. The program committee reviews all abstracts submitted for presentation. Notification of acceptance will be dispatched by e-mail within two weeks after abstract submission. The abstract submitted will be included in the conference abstract book. Note that we do NOT require submission of extended abstract.

Submission deadline (Extended)

31st December, 2022

31st January, 2023

28th February, 2023

Submitted information can not be changed after 1st March.
If you wish to make any changes, please contact the secretariat

Notification of acceptance

Within 2 weeks after abstract submission deadline
*Note that it may be delayed if the submission deadline is extended.

 Abstract submission

Create an account to submit an abstract. The confirmation email of abstract submission will be automatically sent to the submitter upon completion of submission. If you need any help with abstract submission please contact the secretariat by email.

 Instruction for
abstract submission

This conference will consist of technical sessions and symposia. The topics and keywords of the technical sessions are as follows. In some symposia, as well as technical sessions, anyone can apply for presentation. In the technical sessions, you can select either oral or poster presentation style. Please note that you may be assigned to a topic other than the one you have chosen due to program.

Technical sessions

(oral and poster presentation)

[Principles of Tribology]

Keywords:contact mechanics, surface topography, stick-slip, friction, wear, boundary and mixed lubrication, hydrodynamic and
elastohydrodynamic lubrication,
rheology, tribo-chemistry, analytical methods, evaluation method, prediction and control, others

[Engineering Tribology]

Keywords:machine elements, bearings, seals, automotive, space and aerospace, railway, greases, lubricants, additives, manufacturing, micro and nano fabrication, surface texturing, others

[Tribology Simulation]

Keywords:molecular dynamics, fluid dynamics, multi-scale simulation, machine learning, materials informatics, contact mechanics, fluid structure interaction, rheology, tribo-chemical analysis, others

[Advanced Tribology Material]

Keywords:tribomaterials, DLC and carbonaceous
hard coating,
surface modifications, polymer, solid lubricants, superlubricity, extreme pressure environment, high temperature, vacuum, others

[Bio-Inspired Tribology]

Keywords:biotribology, biomimetics, biomaterials, biolubricants, bio-inspired design, artificial intelligence, human healthcare, human mechanics, human sensations, soft materials, polymer gels, polymer brushes, others

[Tribology for a Sustainable Society]

Keywords:energy savings, environmental compatibility, renewable energy, electric vehicle, wind power generation, green fuels, CCUS, others


(oral presentation only)
* In the following symposia, as well as technical sessions, anyone can apply for presentation.

The details can be referred to Other Symposia.

1. Instabilities in Tribology: Phenomena, Analyses, and Countermeasures

2. Mesoscopic Tribology Bridging the Gap between Nano- and Macro-scale

3. Latest Technology Trends for Lubricating Greases

4. Advances in Sealing Technology Contributing to Environment

5. The 4th Czech-Japan Tribology Workshop